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 Field Closings

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You can come in and register your child or grandchild at the Municipal Building/City Hall or  click on the Athletic Folder on this site and print off the forms.  Cost is $45 this year!  March 3rd put it down on your calendar!  March 3rd at noon at the 4 Plex we will conduct Skills Test (like Basketball) for all ages of Softball.  At 2 p.m. at the 5 Plex we will conduct Skills Test for all ages of Baseball.  We need to ensure that we have evenly teams as for this year the teams are shooting for a 1st or 2nd place trophy.  All T-ball Players will receive a cool medal. Weather Plan B for both sports will be held at the Softball Batting Cages at the same times (noon and 2 p.m.).  Look forward to a great season with a Great American Past Time Sport! If you have questions please call 587-6784.

Youth Basketball games for FEB 24th  are as planned. 


See schedule below.    This is the last game of the season and we want it to be a good one until next year.  I want to thank the coaches for mentoring the kids, the parents for bring them and working with them at home and finally my staff for all the hard work to make things fun for the kids.  The children are what is all about!  See you at the court!  


9 a.m. Warriors vs Skyhawks (Girls)

10 a.m. Chargers vs Skyhawks (Girls)

11 a.m. Warriors vs Chargers (Girls)

12 p.m. Skyhawks vs Warriors (Boys)

1 p.m. Panthers vs Destruction (Boys)

2 p.m. Ballers vs Hawks (Boys)



9 a.m. Lightning vs Swish (Girls)

10 a.m. Thunder vs Lightning (Girls)

11 a.m. Sharpshooters vs Rockstars (Middle)

12 p.m. Skyhawks vs Rockstars (Middle)

1 p.m. Cardinals vs Assassins (Middle)

2 p.m. Warriors vs Celtics (Boys)

3 p.m. Knights vs Grizzlies (Boys)



2017-18 Youth Basketball is on its last game of the YEAR! 

Come out to MES / MMS and see these kids PLAY! 



Parks & Recreation Mission Statement

The Benefits are Endless…..

It shall be the purpose and objective of the Martin Parks and Recreation Department to provide wholesome recreational activities, as well as clean, well-maintained facilities for the entire community.

The department shall continue to improve existing facilities and programs, while implementing new ones, within financial limits.

The department will continue to provide leadership, which will enhance the quality of life in our community.


Director of Parks & Recreation: Brian Moore

Phone Number: 731-587-6784


Notice: The Martin Parks & Recreation Department staff takes photos and videos during our programs, events or on park property.  These photos or videos may be used in our brochures, advertising, or other publications.

If you do not wish to be in a video or have your photo taken, please tell our photographers.


Special Activities are always fun to plan, but sometimes it takes more people to ensure a successful event than we have on staff.  If you see an activity you would like to be a part of, please call us at 731-587-6784.  We can always find a place for you to volunteer.