Middle Rules




Games will be officiated according to TSSAA rules with the following exceptions.

  1.      All members of every team will participate during each practice and game.  If a player will not be participating in a game because of illness, injury or disciplinary reasons, the coach must inform the officials or scorekeeper 10 before the game begins or to the best of the Coach’s abilities. 
  1. A minimum of five (5) minutes will be allowed between games for warm-up, coaching, etc. More time will be allowed if available.  Every effort will be made by the officials and coaches to keep games on schedule.
  1. A game will consist of four (4) six (6) minute quarters. The clock will be stopped at the whistle during the entire game.  (If time is a factor, the officials will judge whether the normal clock procedures for stopping may be altered.) 
  1. There will be one (1) minute between quarters and two (2) minutes at the halftime period.
  1. The clock will stop at the three (3) minute mark of each quarter (this is NOT a time-out). Substitutions will ONLY occur during this time and at the beginning of each quarter.  Exceptions will be if a player is injured.
  1. There will be NO FULL COURT press in the back court. Defensive play may begin only at the center court line after the offensive team has touched or crossed the line.  (Exception:  Last minute of the game.)
  1. Unintentional defensive play in the back court, i.e., grabbing for the rebound from a player, will be handled by blowing the whistle and giving the ball out-of-bounds to the team which has taken the defensive rebound.
  1. Intentional defensive play will be whistled dead and the offensive team will be given two (2) foul shots and the ball out-of-bounds.
  1. There will be four (4) time-outs allowed per game per team.  These may be carried over from half to half, or to overtime.  There will be one (1) timeout given to each team to use during overtime.
  1. Overtime will be two (2) minutes. If a second overtime is needed, the first one to score wins.
  1. At the beginning of halftime of each game, all players are to line up in numerical order to shoot one free throw each. Any points scored will count toward game score.  If a team has fewer players than the other, the short team repeats enough to equal the number.  The first players to miss their shot will be ones selected to repeat.
  1. Poor sportsmanship on the part of players, coaches, and parents will be dealt with as needed. It is your responsibility to help control all situations.  Players tend to take your lead.  Make it a positive one.                                                         


  1. All players must come dressed to play. Locker rooms will be available if needed.
  1. All players must wear gym shoes.
  1. Players must use the entrance doors on the south side of the gym.
  1. Team jerseys must be worn to all games.
  1. Balls are to be left on the rack until your team’s time to take the floor.
  1. Please listen to WCMT Radio regarding weather related problems with practices or games or call the InfoPlus #587-6000, hit #4.
  1. Parents are urged to make arrangements immediately after practices for your child to be picked up. The supervisor of a practice may be unaware that a child is having to wait in the cold or rain for a ride.
  1. We are very fortunate to have access to school facilities for our programs. Please help to protect this privilege by helping to police the actions of others.
  1. Discipline is expected by participants. Coaches are urged to supervise their players and use measures to properly control situations.
  1. Our intent is to “make youth sports FUN for kids.” Obviously, we need the help of all parties concerned.  As a parent or coach, please help us to provide a truly fun experience for our children.