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State of Tennessee Releases New COVID-19 PSA “Choices”

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee today announced a new ad campaign, “Choices”, to promote responsible decision-making by Tennesseans as the state continues to fight the spread of COVID-19. The ad will air across the state on broadcast, cable, and digital media.

“The most effective way for us to combat this virus is through individual Tennesseans making responsible decisions for the safety of themselves, their loved ones, and their neighbors,” said Gov. Lee. “Masks remain one the most effective, widely available tools as we await a safe, approved vaccine. We recognize that life looks different during a pandemic, and we’re encouraging Tennesseans that as they live their lives they make the responsible choice and choose to wear a mask.”

The PSA launches in tandem with a new COVID-19 website from the Tennessee Department of Health that provides Tennesseans with improved tools to make informed decisions for their health. The website can be found at

A tool kit is available to download campaign assets at 

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State of Emergency: I, Randy Brundige, Mayor of the City of Martin, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me by all applicable laws, including Tennessee Code Annotated § 58-2-110 and Tennessee Code Annotated § 58-8-104, do hereby declare a local state of emergency within the City of Martin. 

DOE April 16 2021


City of Martin FEMA Safe Room Guidelines:

COVID-19 Operations at the Gateway Center: Link to FEMA Questionnaire COVID-19 PDF

To protect everyone and flatten the curve of the COVID-19, we are asking that you follow these rules in the emergency situation the Gateway center is used for severe weather. 

  1. Please sit in individual family groups
  2. Maintain Social Distancing of a minimum of 6 feet apart
  3. Wash hands frequently
  4. Anyone presenting with symptoms will be provided a “safe space” to stay with the FEMA Safe Room.
  5. Everyone of the age 18 and above is required to fill out a COVID-19 Questionnaire upon entering the FEMA Safe Room.
  6. All Children must stay with their perspective family groups. Please no running, jumping, or playing around the room.
  7. When the emergency situation is mitigated all personnel must sign out when leaving the Building.











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