Martin Industrial Development Board

The MIDB promotes industrial development by recommending and providing incentives to existing and prospective businesses.  The Board links the resources of business, government, economic development organizations, and the local community for the purpose of industrial expansion and job creation.  By using its available resources, the MIDB negotiates and recommends projects that provide overall added value to the City of Martin and its residents.

• Use available resources to support and expand Martin’s industrial base.

• Provide incentives and offer recommendations to the City Board that promote industrial development.

• Identify key industrial sectors that provide the highest value-added for the City of Martin.

• Support projects that increase the industrial tax base and promote job creation in Martin.

• Provide attractive building sites for existing and potential industry.

• Provide adequate access and other infrastructure support for existing and potential industry.

• Work in partnership with the City of Martin Board of Mayor and Alderman and the Martin Economic Development Corporation to recruit, retain, and expand the industrial base and improve the quality of life.


For current board members visit the Boards & Committees page.