CORONAVIRUS UPDATE as of 30 March 2020

Parents, Grandparents and Coaches,

I hope that you and your families are doing well.  Many prayers to those who are deeply affected by the virus.    

Another update on current situation with Baseball and Softball with the update from the President of the United States. 

The weather has been getting better, but the outfields are still soaked.

Cal Ripken Baseball- Medals, Trophies, hats, jerseys are in and ready to distribute once the season begins. Still waiting on Majors Jerseys but are in route.  

FASA Softball- Medals and Rings have come in, but still waiting on uniforms.  

When can we start- We mentioned the April 6th coming up with a plan, however with new timeline we are waiting until April 30th to make the final decision on this year’s season.  We are looking at this option to allow us to play ball.  

Option 1) We start the Season May 4th and run thru June 19th. We would probably play one Saturday in there to get all our games in.  This will be with one week of practice before the season started.

Still it is a waiting game on what the virus will do and hopefully it turns in our favor.   Our main goal is to allow the kids to be safe and to go out there, play and have fun.  We will get there.  Thank you everyone for helping me out with this one.  Keep an eye on martinallsports.com for further updates.

Stay safe and God Bless you all

Mike Garvin




With the news of the increasing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we wanted to inform you that we are monitoring the situation and advising all our leagues to follow the guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), World Health Organization, your state’s public health department, and other county and/or local authorities including area school districts and government agencies. If your league is taking proactive measures in regards to the coronavirus in your area, and delaying or altering its schedule or season, we ask that you please notify your State Commissioner and Babe Ruth League Headquarters at health@baberuthleague.org.
The City of Martin, FASA Rec and  Babe Ruth org. are monitoring the situation and will keep everyone in the loop.  Our number one concern is the Safety of the children 
Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Baseball  


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 Martin Girls Softball 

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Adult Softball

If you are interested in starting a league; please contact Mike Garvin at [email protected] or 731-223-0032. 


Adult Soccer

If you are interested in starting a league; please contact Chase Manely 731-514-9056.


Chicago Ball  July 2020


Martin Youth Soccer



OBJECTIVE OF LEAGUE: Recreational enjoyment by all participants while learning some of the fundamentals of the sport.  

Thank you for a great Season. 

Registration for the 2020 Season will begin July 25th – August 7th 2020





Martin Youth League Football


Grades: 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th


OBJECTIVE OF LEAGUE: Enjoyment by participants while learning the sport.

Commissioner Chad McDaniel 731-514-3887


Youth Basketball 2020-21 Registration will be October 12th thru October 25th 2020 










Martin Youth Basketball League would like to thank our Sponsor Pepsi Mid America.  They have provided the jersey for our Athletes.  







Martin offers a variety of sporting activities for all ages. Listed below is our tentative yearly schedule of athletic leagues.

  • January – March: Youth League Basketball Games
  • February – Baseball and Softball Registration Begins and End of Basketball
  • March – Baseball and Softball Season Begins
  • May – October: Adult Softball (Not Available at the moment)
  • June – Baseball and Softball TOURNAMENT games
  • July – Chicago Ball and Soccer Registration 
  • August – November: Soccer begins
  • October – Youth League Soccer and Youth League Basketball Registration Begins
  • November- End of Soccer and start of Youth Basketball Practices
  • December – Youth League Basketball Practice

TN State Law requirements for concussion policies:

City of Martin Concussion Policy

Concussion Information & Signature Form for Coaches

Student-Athlete & Parent-Legal Guardian Concussion Statement

Tennessee Concussion Return to Play Form

TN State Law requirements for student athletes about sudden cardiac arrest:

The Tennessee General Assembly passed a new law in April 2015 requiring coaches and parents of athletes 18 years and younger to be informed about the signs and symptoms of sudden cardiac arrest.  The law went into effect January 1, 2016.  The Tennessee Department of Health has training material available free of charge at www.tn.gov/health/topic/sudden-cardiac-arrest-prevention-act.