What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a new activity developed over the last few years, which mixes mental and physical activity into one exciting program. Free other than the initial cost of a portable GPS (global positioning system) and internet access, this unique leisure event is kind of like a treasure hunt for adults and kids alike. You can hunt alone or with your family and friends, rain or shine, and challenge your mind with intriguing puzzles and mapping coordinates. Basically, you utilize your computer to locate the GPS coordinates of hidden “caches” (usually ammo boxes, 35mm film canisters, empty coffee containers, etc.) that contain a log book and sometimes “prizes” that can be exchanged amongst fellow hunters. Once you download local caches into your GPS, you can go out hunting, adding cache after cache to your collection. Be sure and log your name into the book to show other geocachers you have been there!
Here in Martin there are quite a few hidden caches around town, several in our parks.
To sign up for a free account and learn more about geocaching, go to this link:

Martin Parks and Recreation fully supports geocaching but asks that you leave things as you found them (replace the caches) and please honor park rules and regulations by hunting during posted park hours. Always take out what you bring in and help keep your parks clean and litter free!