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Cemetery Location

Eastside – K Street at E. Hill Street

Martin Memorial Gardens – Main Street near Highway 22

Parham – Main Street next to Martin Memorial Gardens

Williams – End of Williams Street

Yellow Fever – Elm Street at Lee Street

Cemetery Rules & Regulations

The following regulations shall be enforced in the use and maintenance of cemeteries owned and operated by the City of Martin and all cemetery deeds issued by the City of Martin shall make proper reference to these regulations.

  • The city will not allow interment services before 1:00 PM on Sundays, nor will interment services be allowed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and News Year’s Day.
  • Visitation at all cemeteries owned by the City of Martin will be from Sunrise to Sunset
  • No cemetery lot shall be used for any other purpose than a place for burial of deceased persons.
  • The grades of all lots shall be determined by the City of Martin.
  • All burials shall be performed by the City of Martin or its designee for a fee as adopted by the City.
  • No disinterment shall be permitted or allowed without the written consent or permit of the City of Martin.
  • No flowers, shrubs, or trees shall be planted on a lot and no ornamental objects shall be constructed without written approval from the City of Martin.
  • Proprietors of lots shall have the right, under superintendence of the cemetery caretaker, to erect tombstones, monuments, and other sculptured stone structures on their lots. However, should any inscription, effigy or structure be deemed by said City of Martin as unfitting or improper, or not conductive to the beauty and attractiveness of the cemeteries, it shall be lawful and made the duty of said City of Martin to remove same.
  • An rigid outer container is required for burial in City owner cemeteries.

The City of Martin has adopted the following rules for floral arrangements and decorations in the Cemetery:

    • All floral arrangements and decorations will be removed from the ground that interfere with normal mowing and routine maintenance. This does NOT include any decorations placed on monuments, or on a shepherd-rod that is placed immediately next to the stone with the arrangement hanging over the stone. This also does not include floral arrangements and decorations placed on new graves.
    • Floral arrangements and decorations placed on new burial plots will be removed from the ground and discarded after ten (10) days from burial.
    • Floral arrangements and decorations which have blown from monuments shall be held in storage for ten (10) days to be claimed by family members. Any unclaimed items will be discarded.
    • Unclaimed flower stands may be picked up at the Cemetery.
    • The City Public Works Department will pick up any unclaimed floral racks, etc. the first Monday of each month and they will be discarded.
    • American Flags are encouraged and may be placed on graves for special occasions: Memorial Day, VE Day, Korean Armistice, 4th of July, Veteran’s Day, Pearl Harbor Day, and etc. Flags will be removed ten (10) days from date of holiday observance/special occasion.
    • Maximum size of flag: Twelve (12) inches by eighteen (18) inches with appropriate size stand or pole.

Cemetery Costs

The following schedule shall establish the fees for the sale of lots:

Residential Lot


Non Residential Lot


City employees, who are currently and have been continuously employed by the City of Martin, for a period of five (5) or more years and reside outside the City Limits of Martin may purchase City Cemetery Lots for themselves and their immediate family (spouse and children under eighteen (18) years of age residing at home) at the same fee established for City Residents. Number of lots will be limited to immediate family.

The following schedule shall establish the fees for the grave opening/closing:

Traditional Grave


All traditional grave opening/closing in city-owned cemeteries.

First Burial in Single Lot


The first burial in the single lot; deep opening, reference Section 5, Item K.

Second Burial in Single Lot


Second burial in the single lot; reference Section 5, Item K.

Cremation Urn


Cremation Urn with Vault


Infant Grave


The following schedule shall establish the fees for Monument placement:

Head Markers/Monuments


Foot Markers


Veteran's Markers




Solid Slabs


For more information contact Mike Brundige at 731-587-3126 ext. 224.