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Martin Gateway Center

The Gateway Center is the new name and home for the Martin Senior Adult Center.

Director: Allie Stalter

Address: 701 North Lindell Street, Martin, TN

Phone: 731-587-3900

Hours: Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM  

Follow the Gateway Center on Facebook  Check out the Martin Gateway Center Facebook page for the monthly event schedule. 

Daily Activities: Phone Reassurance, Meals on Wheels, Fitness Room-Keep your mind and body moving.

Community Safe Room

The City of Martin operates a FEMA (F5) rated tornado safe room.   The safe room (Gateway Center) is operational any time a tornado watch or warning has been issued. We strongly encourage you not to attempt to travel to the shelter during an actual tornado warning. You should shelter in place; traveling to the shelter during a warning could place you in harm’s way.  Never assume that the shelter is open when a warning is issued.

The community safe room is intended to save lives by providing a safe space that has been designed and constructed to resist the wind forces, wind-driven rain, and debris impacts from a storm or event; it is equipped to provide only the basic essentials in order to protect occupants and to support their intended purpose (e.g., potable water, minimal food [snacks], basic sanitation, basic first aid, and some electricity). Since the purpose is life safety for a minimum specified duration, the community safe room does not provide beyond these essentials.


  • The Safe Room is open to the General Public.
  • Pets will be allowed as long as they are in a carrier. Pets are prohibited to roam on a leash or freely about the building. Service animals may stay with their owner. Service animals must be leashed and shall have access to food   and water, and must display their current vaccination record.
  • No alcohol, drugs, swearing, weapons of any type, disorderly conduct or disruptive behavior.
  • No smoking inside or outside of the building.
  • No loitering or blocking of entry or exits.
  • Users are expected to be appropriately clothed.
  • Users are required to comply with Safe Room staff directions.
  • Parents (guardians) must supervise children closely and keep them nearby.
  • Any device(s) that emit sounds that disrupt other occupants require the use of headsets. (i.e. IPODs, TV, etc)
  • Occupants will be required to limit noise so not to disrupt others.
  • For health and safety purposes, no luggage, bags, pillows, blankets, food, drinks, coolers, or other similar items are allowed during shelter operations.
  • During tornado warnings, persons are not allowed to exit the Safe Room, if severe weather is occurring or about to occur; staff shall ensure that all doors are secured.
  • Users are required to keep their areas clean of trash and debris.
  • Any violation of the above shall result in the user being requested to vacate the property, or be arrested for criminal trespass.